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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice is made of your knowledge in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (the “Law”), its regulations and the applicable guidelines and criteria.


I. Identity and address of the Person Responsible for Personal Data.

Abonos Biologicos, S.A. de C.V. (the “Responsible”) with address located at Carretera Los Pinos Km 1.5, Colonia Los Pinos, Ramos Arizpe, Coahuila, CP 25900, is responsible for collecting your personal data, as well as for the use and protection that is given to them. This Notice establishes the way in which your data is treated personal and rights you can exercise in this regard.


II. Purpose of the Personal Data. The Responsible can collect certain personal data, with the purpose of establishing communication between the owner of this data and the Responsible about the services and products that the latter offers to the owner of the personal data or to a third party, as well as for the following purposes:

a) Keep an adequate record of customers and suppliers and prepare statistics and reports of the services and products offered by and for the Responsible in order to keep an internal control, as well as to provide timely monitoring of same.

b) Offer products and services.

c) Provision of services contracted by the client.

d) Issuance of invoices.

e) Payment of bills.

f) Coordinate the services and delivery of products for the Responsible in relation to its suppliers.

g) To be able to offer and carry out any type of commercial operation between the parties.


The Personal Data collected are the following:

a) Full name of the contact and / or legal representative.

b) Position held.

c) E-mail.

d) Fiscal address.

e) Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC).

f) Unique Population Registration Code (CURP).

g) Voting card number (IFE) or identification key of any other identification used by its customers, suppliers and / or related third parties

h) Bank account and bank.

i) Bank code for electronic transfers.

j) Telephone number.

k) Type of producer.

l) Field surface.

m) Any information necessary to carry out the operation object of the agreed relationship.


III. Means of limitation of use and divulgation of Personal Data.

You may at any time request the limitation of the use and divulgation that, in accordance with the provisions of this notice, the Responsible shall make of them. For the above, it is necessary to send an email addressed to the person in charge of personal data to the following email address, who will be responsible for responding and following up on your request.


IV. Transfer of Personal Data.

The Personal Data that is provided to the Responsible by legal or legitimate means may be transferred to national or foreign third parties, under the terms of article 36 of the Law, including authorities, companies or related persons that provide services to the Responsible:

a) When a third party requires any type of provision of services or legal/accounting advice related to the instrumentation derived from commercial and / or professional relations with the Responsible or with the administration and exercise of legal actions.

b) When required by a governmental entity, with prior permission issued by the competent authority, to request the transfer of information.

The Responsible will ensure that these third parties who receive personal data, give the same treatment established in this notice. Third parties will not have the power to retransmit personal data and these may not be used for other purposes than those that the owner, through the Responsible has designated.

The Responsible undertakes not to transfer his personal data to third parties additional to those mentioned in this section without his consent, the Responsible through the person in charge will inform the Holder, through means printed or electronic, the purpose for which such information would be transferred to new third parties.


V. Exercise of ARCO rights.

The owner of the personal data, in accordance with the provisions of the Law, enjoys the rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition to the processing of these (“ARCO Rights”), which may be exercised at any time. For this purpose, the owner of the personal data must submit a written request at the address of the Responsible indicated at the beginning of this notice or, to the email addressed to Javier Morales, who will be the in charge of personal data, this request must contain at least the following:

a) Name of the holder and his address or other suitable means to notify him of the response to his request.

b) Documents proving the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the holder.

c) The clear and precise description of the personal data regarding which one seeks to exercise any of the ARCO Rights.

d) Any other element or document necessary for the easy location of personal data, as well as that required by the current regulation at the time of submitting the application.

If required, the Responsible reserves the right to request additional documentation from the holder that proves his identity and / or other Personal Data that he considers.

The holder may obtain more information about the status of his request and the deadlines for responding by request in writing to the address and / or email of the Responsible.

The Responsible shall communicate to the holder, within a maximum period of twenty days, counted from the date on which the request for any of the ARCO Rights was received, the determination adopted, so that, if appropriate, it will be effective within fifteen days following the date on which the response was communicated. Treating of requests for access to personal data, the previous accreditation of the identity of the applicant or legal representative will proceed, as appropriate. The aforementioned terms may be extended only once for an equal period, as long as the circumstances of the case justify it.

If the information provided in the application is insufficient or erroneous to meet it, or the documents indicated in this notice are not accompanied, the Responsible may request the holder, for one time and within five days following the receipt of the request, which provides the necessary elements or documents to process it. The holder will have ten days to meet the requirement, counted from the day after he received it. If there is no response within that period, the corresponding application will be deemed not submitted.


VI. Revocation of Consent.

The Holder may revoke this consent for the handling of Personal Data or limit its use or disclosure at any time. For this purpose, you must send a written request to the address and / or email of the Responsible indicated within this Privacy Notice, with attention to the Person in charge of personal data. Said request must comply with the requirements indicated in the previous section. This procedure will be relieved in accordance with what is described in the immediately preceding section.

VII. Use of cookies, web beacons or similar technologies.

When you visit our Website you can make inquiries about specific issues, sending us your full name and email using our contact form. Whenever in accordance with the provisions of the Law, said information can be considered as your personal data, through this Privacy Notice, we give due compliance with the provisions of the aforementioned Law.

In addition to the information you provide us, we will collect additional information about your computer equipment through the use of automatic information collection tools. These tools collect standard information, such as your browser type and language, access hours and Internet Protocol address.

(IP) If necessary to improve your experience on our Website, it may happen that we also place a "cookie" on your computer. You are not required to accept a cookie, you may modify your browser at any time so that you do not accept cookies. For more information on the above and how to modify your browser for the rejection of cookies you can visit Tools such as web beacons can also be used, which are transparent image files, used only to monitor your browsing through the Responsible's website but never collect or store personal data. By making use of the website and providing your personal data to the Responsible, you express your express consent regarding the provisions of this Privacy Notice, authorizing the Responsible to carry out the treatment thereof, in compliance with what is established herein.


VIII. Modification to the Privacy Notice.

The Responsible reserves the right to make changes or updates to this privacy notice at any time. The owner agrees that the way to notify any change to this Privacy Notice will be through It will be understood that the holder accepts said notice until we receive any communication to the contrary, through the email of the Responsible party indicated in this Privacy Notice.

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